Readers Write

i really want you to come and read us sand dollar summer!!!! its my dream!!

-Ellie from Rochester, NY

The people in our group thought that the book was really GREAT!

–Katie, Morgan, Megan, Jake & Kyle from Merrimack Middle School

I loved Sand Dollar Summer!!! I really admire the way you write, because someday, I want to be an author just like you. You’ve really inspired me!!!


All the kids in our group loved the book you wrote!

-Sarah, Chelsea, Abby & Annaliese from Merrimack Middle School

I loved the ending of the book. A happy ending is my favorite kind.

–Taylor C. from New Jersey

Keep writing some more great books!

-Jessie, Kabrina, Kathryn & Sarah from Mrs. Gregoire's Class

We just wanted to write to you and thank you for writing such a great book!

-Shaun, Peter, Ingrid & Stephanie, Class 1, Merrimack Middle School

We thought that the details that you had in the were phenomenal and just plain amazing!

–The kids at the Merrimack Middle School

I love this book Sand Dollar Summer!!! It's just so touching and realistic and it could be real for anybody in the world. I would always remember about this book and I'll keep this book forever. Also for the last 3 chapters I couldn't stop crying.. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

–Samantha S.

[Sand Dollar Summer is] my favorite book of all time. It made me cry, smile, and angry. I finished it just yesterday, I was so sad that I read all of it. But happy because I found the book.

–Peyton W.

I have read many books, and your book, Sand Dollar Summer/, was the best, most well-spoken book I have read in a long time. With most books and movies, you can guess the ending very easily. This book caught me by surprise, and I thought it was wonderful.

–Meghan C

I am 10 years old and just read Sand Dollar Summer and I wanted it to go on 4ever!

–Sophie A.

I loved the book, I read a lot of novels, almost 250 a year, and I can honestly say that I think this is the best book yet. I really like the ending, it lets you choose their fate. Also the setting and locals were really relistic. I've lived in Maine my whole life and can really relate to the story.

–Sabrina A.

I Love Sand Dollar Summer I think its the best book ever! Keep making action stories like that.


I couldn't put it down .I thought it was amazing and now the project doesn't seem so bad! I can't wait to read The Genie Scheme!!!!

–Erica S.

I just wanted to let you know how great of a book I thought Sand Dollar Summer is. I read it for a bookreport for school and I can't stop reading it! My parents get mad at how late I stay up reading it but I can't stop! Thank you for this great book!


OMG! I absolutely LOVE the book Sand Dollar Summer! It was so dramatic and touching. I can sooooooooo relate to Lise, the main character. I give this book six out of five stars! (******) =) I simply can't belive how outstanding this novel was! Keep up the great work, and I hope to see more books like this in the near-future!

–Klaire K.

This is my favourite realistic fiction book of all time! It is also the first novel I have ever read in my life. I read this book 3 times now. When I started to read this book, I just couldn't put it down. It's a real page turner! This book taught me a lot about life. like - Go with the flow - You can't fight faith. I also learned that the ocean is not all bad. I used to be scared of the ocean just like Lise in the book. Guess what? Every time I read the ending, I always cry. It is so emotional, and heart warming! It is one of those books that will stay with me forever.


I loved the book Sand Dollar Summer! It was so creative! My favorite part was when Free learns to talk! It was such a touching book and it changed the way that I look at bad situations!

–From Maddie

A big thank you

... to Ms. Garringer's class at Westwood Charter School of Los Angeles for the two great batches of letters they wrote me AND the gorgeous sand dollar that amazingly made it through the mail intact.

Thanks to Ms. Summer's class

... of Lake Stevens, Washington for their letters full of good questions and comments.

Kimberly K. Jones's visit to Room 9

By Sofia F.

Last Thursday, Kimberly K. Jones, the author of the book Sand Dollar Summer, came to Room 9. Our class read Sand Dollar Summer and loved it, so we sent letters asking questions to Mrs. Jones. Our teacher, Mrs. Garringer, asked her if she would come to our class. A few months later, she came! We asked her questions that we did not include in our letters, and she told us her four “secrets” to writing: stay true to your idea, trust yourself, just do it, and revise and edit. She also read a few pages from her new book, The Genie Scheme! We loved it so much she gave us a copy of her book before it came out in stores! W e are now reading Kimberly K. Jones's book for our read aloud book. Mrs. Jones also visited Room 11, but I was not there when she was there. Room 9 loved her book, and we think you should read Sand Dollar Summer, too! Sand Dollar Summer is a very good book about a girl who goes to the beach for the first time, and her world is turned inside out! Room 9 loves Kimberly K. Jones!!!!!!!!!!!